Bearsted Scouts was founded in 1912 and has is currently running strongly with many different sections today.
Bearsted Scouts is involved in many community activities as well as many scouting activities organised by Kent Scouts and The Scouting Association.
Bearsted Scouts takes a very active part in the Bearsted and Thurnham Fayte by selling programs, having a float in the procession and selling burgers on the village green. We also help around the community and other charities in their work around the village and Maidstone.

Bearsted Scouts is one of the groups of Maidstone East District, which is one of the Districts in Kent. Bearsted is one of the biggest groups in the district and like the rest of the county we are growing.
We currently meet in our own building which is along the Church Landway, along side Bearsted Guides and opposite the Bearsted Woodland Trust.


In 2012 we celebrated our centenary. Scouting turned 100 in 2007, which was marked by a variety of events, the biggest of which being the 21st World Scout Jamboree.
For our centenary we held a group wide camp across the Jubilee weekend, released a trackable for each section, and released a book. To celebrate our centenary we also had special badges created.


If you would like to order any of our centenary merchandise, please contact us.

Trackable Race – Almost 5 years since release

As part of our centenary, we released 4 trackables via geocaching.com, where each was attached to one of the designs of our centenary badge. There was a race throughout the whole of 2012 to see which sections went the furthest. At the end of 2012, the leaders had won, followed by the Beavers, Scouts and then Cubs.

The trackables are still out and about and below are the distances they have traveled to date, since their release on the 02/01/2012:

  1. Leaders (28325.9 miles) Last seen 05/02/2013
  2. Beavers* (19584.8 miles (679.8 + 18905)) Currently inA�South Africa
  3. Cubs (17952.8miles) A�Currently in Quebec, Canada
  4. Scouts (4930.5 miles)A�Last seen 15/09/2012

A total of 70,794 miles to date. A�almost 3 times round the world.

(Last Updated 12/09/2017)
*The Beaver trackable went missing, so it was replaced with a new trackable within the first couple of weeks of the race.

Country Count

The Beaver trackable has visited the USA, Uganda and the UK, the Leavers trackable has also visited the Netherlands, USA, Canada and Brazil. The Cub trackable has also visited France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy and Germany, and the Scout trackable has visited Spain.